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Amazing Ways of Repurposing Your Clothes

Every year, there are millions of tons of clothing that are being thrown away, according to research. What is astonishing is that these clothes are in good condition These are just too small or out of fashion. These clothes, if people considered it, can save them money and resources. Another benefit is that the environment remains clean. Upcycling is a very viable solution.

One option that is available to you is to make a rug. Your home will always need cleaning and you can use the rags you create from your old clothes. These rags can be more helpful in dusting surfaces, removing cobwebs, cleaning shoes, windows, etc. You can improve the texture of the rag by making it with multiple fabrics from different clothes.

Pets love toys, especially cats and dogs. As long as the pet is happily enjoying playing with the toy, it does not matter how much the toy costs. Therefore, you can repurpose your clothes and make toys for your pets. Such toys, if well made, can last for a very long time. You get to make your favorite pet happy without using a single cent.

By now you know that fashion can change without warning and you might find the next upcoming one crazier than its predecessor. You can use your existing clothes to make them new ones. A case in point is designing caps, shirts or t-shirts from your old jeans. You can also use your existing long shirt as a button-down skirt. You can still get an awesome outfit from your jeans by shredding it in specific places carefully.

You can fashion clothes for your daughter’s dolls just like the toys for the pets. Instead of going to the shop to look for doll clothes, use those that you are looking to throw away and make your daughter happy by dressing her dolls. All this is free.

Making bracelets and other beautiful works of crafts with those clothes. You can learn how to make bracelets from old clothes from the net if you are not sure how to go about it. Using different clothes and colors make them beautiful. You can take advantage of this opportunity and spend it with your family. You can even sell the best ones and earn an extra coin.

Reusing the clothes is also on the list. You can use the clothes to do those chores that need different wear like painting, planting flowers, ploughing and so on. You can also donate all these clothes to others. People who need our help are always there. Be a cheerful giver.